Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 4-- Kyoto

Brief rundown of my experiences since my last post:

I went to a sumo tourney. Wicked fun and the time went by super fast. We were there for like 5-6 hours, then went out afterwards with the couple and their 5-year-old son who was sitting in front of us. They were so awesome. So nice and cool and the kid was adorable! I'll definitely look them up if/when I go back to Tokyo!

"And weren't you supposed to be on a train to Kyoto last night?" you ask. Well, I was going to leave the sumo tourney early and head to Kyoto around 4pm-- but I was having too much fun. Some of the guys that I went with said they had an extra bed in their room, so I just stayed in there and left really early in the morning.

So, now I'm on the train to Kyoto. I'll be there nice and early, so I'll have time to wander a bit but not do a whole lot else. I've made some random observations, so maybe I'll post about those later.

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