Friday, June 3, 2011

The E-Mart Effect

Imagine you heard this song every time you went shopping.

And this gem is just a peek inside the fun that is E-mart shopping (but its not MY E-mart). There are only 2 big "grocery" stores: E-Mart and Lotte mart; similar to Wal-Mart and Target respectively. In the E-mart I shop in, basement= food; 1st floor= underwear, shoes, laundry stuff, health and beauty (minus medicine), check-out, McDonalds; 2nd floor= mens/womens/kids clothes, baby supplies (minus diapers-- those are on the 1st floor), toys, books, school supplies, sporting goods; 3rd floor= electronics, home goods (all: bedding, lighting, cookware, etc...) pets, check-out, small food court, cell phone retailer, eye-wear retailer, dry cleaner.

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