Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 7-- Hiroshima

I've realized that its hard to know how to travel until you do it alone. Being along has given me a lot of time to kill, and made me realize I would rather actually see the country/cities, than be only concerned with seeing landmark after landmark after landmark. I've done a lot of wandering, and I feel like I've actually seen more of Japan than I would have if I focused too hard on getting to all the places in the guide book.

So here are some more observations before I have to shut this bad boy down and start packing!:

~Street cars (trams) are awesome. You can get places and still see the city.

~A lot of the buildings on the main street are really boring. In Korea there are a lot of signs and flashy lights all the way up the buildings, and here everything looks plain.

~It's a little less stressful traveling alone, because if I'm in a pissy mood, or tired, or otherwise cranky- no one else has to know.

~I think a lot of people like to travel so they can see interesting historical things. The most interesting things you'll see are in places that are culturally very different. If you want to see the world, go see something you're not already familiar with.

~Apparently I look like Connor's sister. I was standing in line at the ferry terminal, and this guy walks past me and I thought he pointed me out to the guy he was with, but I wasn't sure. Then he doubled back to talk to a friend and said "Connor's sister, right there, red bag." So naturally I start to giggle and hid friend bursts out laughing because he realized I heard the whole thing.

10pm bedtime... early train to Fukuoka to fly out to Seoul, then back to Yeosu. Sunday night bus to Incheon Airport to go to Kuala Lumpur for 2 days then Thailand!!

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