Monday, February 20, 2012

Everyone is a little weird, some people are just more upfront about it

There is a very big distinction between "going out" and "drinking."

The two CAN be mutually exclusive. Sure, I go out and drink with my friends, and sometimes I have a beer with dinner, and sometimes I even have a glass of wine if I'm sitting watching a movie alone in my apartment.

I recently realized how it might be difficult to make a distinction between the two in the Facebook age. I've got a TON of crazy pictures up, but majority are completely sober. Note the lack of drink in my hand. 

I'm just normally that goofy. I don't photograph well, so those strange/goofy/horribly unflattering faces are NOT the faces of someone who is wasted; but rather a calculated move to keep from looking stupid without it being unintentional :) (see my blog default picture)

But don't get me wrong, I can rage like the rest when I want. But I don't think that should be plastered all over Facebook.

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