Friday, April 26, 2013

I was so upset I forgot to do my plank!

I was really frustrated with the gym yesterday.

I was having difficulty breathing so I had to cut my running program short- I only got about 2/3 of the way through. I was feeling a little dizzy and my legs didn't feel as up to it as they usually do. I couldn't get a satisfying breath. I know that I needed to stop because I could feel the difference in my legs, so it probably meant I wasn't getting enough oxygen. I'm angry I had to stop, but I guess its good I did because I was seeing stars for the rest of the workout.

I've always had an issue with my breathing, but its particularly bothersome right now because I'm seeing such good results and I WANT to be able to continue. I want to be able to do that 5k in June. I don't particularly enjoy running, but I'm pretty sure there's a "hump" you need to get over, and I don't want to have my good progress disrupted.

Maybe I'll try to re-do Week 1 (of Couch to 5k ~ C25k). Its a little easier, with shorter periods of running, so if breathing is an issue, I'm not running quite as long so I can stop to breathe.

And by the end, I was so frustrated I forgot to do my 30-second plank!

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