Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sit down, shut up, and don't climb out the window!

Ate Burger King on Sunday. Wanted to die afterwards. Lesson learned. I don't think I'm going to eat fast food again any time soon. Maybe if I ever reintroduce super-processed foods back into my diet, I could indulge once in a while. But my healthier digestive system can't handle it right now! I ate biscuits and gravy for breakfast and fish and chips the night before. I think they didn't affect me as bad because it was a little fresher, having been prepared like a normal meal and not preservative-packed, deep-fried BK.

I did concoct a new dressing on Sunday evening. Its plain yogurt with pesto and parmesan cheese. I wanted something a little creamier for my pasta salad, but I didn't want to use mayo. The only hitch was that the plain yogurt was sweetened and I didn't really realize it beforehand.

In other news, I yelled so hard at my students my heart skipped a beat. A boy and girl were arguing in the classroom before class began (which is 100% normal). I was in the teachers room next door, when I saw the boy on the little roof overhang OUTSIDE the window of my room!!!! I was absolutely livid. I ran into the room and barked at them all to sit down. I felt my blood pressure drop really quickly. Made for a not-so-awesome rest of the day!

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