Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Can you ever be just "whelmed"?

I realize that when I go home, I will need to go on quite a few job interviews. I know that one BIG question that says a lot about a potential employee is "What is your biggest weakness?"

I think I know what my real weakness is this:

I don't really have a high-level of patience for people who can't be self-sufficient.

I need to work on my patience levels, because not everyone is as self-reliant as I am. I tend to be a little "snappy" when people rely on me too much (or rather, what I perceive to be too much). There's nothing wrong with asking a few questions if you need help or need to clarify something. However, if you have the tools to find your answer or get what you need, and you still just rely on someone else to give you the answer-- that just lazy.

Google it. Look at a map. Figure it out yourself.

I like being helpful, but sometimes I feel a little taken advantage of. People know that I can, and usually will, help them out- so sometimes just asking me is easier than doing it themselves. For example, in Yeosu, we get 2 big batches of new people every year and some random newbies spread throughout the year. I am always happy to help and I kind of mark myself as someone people can come to for tips and facts about the area. There is, however, a period after which, all those questions become a little "inappropriate." If you've been here for 3 months, but need advice on how to get to obscure location x; sure no prob, happy to help. If you've been here for 3 months and want to know which bus stop to get off at to go to Emart.... you know there are maps available to look at, and if you can't do that-- work on trial and error. Stay on the bus until you see Emart, then get off at the next stop. Seems like a pretty clean logic progression, right?

I usually feel a bit guilty if I don't end up helping whomever has asked for help, but I wish people would put themselves into my shoes. You think "whats her deal? Its only one question!" But no, really... its not. It's one question from you, and one from little Bobby and one from Karen and one from Steve. Sometimes its a little overwhelming.

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