Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Like gold.

New recipe!

I have a slow cooker,which is pretty rare in Korea. However, it allows me to create interesting things that are not-so-labor intensive (so if they turn out horribly, then I will not have wasted too much time).

The Story:
I noticed a plastic bag hidden in the back of my freezer. I remembered needing to freeze chicken about 2 weeks prior, but the poor little chicken fingers were freezer-burned. Boiling would be too harsh, and so would banking. Low and slow: the way to go.

BBQ Pulled Chicken:
Threw the frosty chicken bits into the slow cooker along with very thinly sliced onion and green pepper. I added a enough bbq sauce to cover the chicken (if the chicken wasn't freezer-burned, I would have added less sauce). 

It was really delicious. I was lucky to have bbq sauce, since its not a common item in Korea. Either it materialized at the back of my fridge or I purchased it a while back and just forgot.

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