Thursday, June 26, 2014


According to a 3-year-old: "we wen to nu-dursey!"

Heading to the George Washington Bridge on the drive to NJ
I accompanied my aunt and cousins on their trip to NJ recently. It was my second time there, but really only the first time I was able to spend a chunk of time exploring. We stayed for three nights at Ellen's sister-in-law's home in Manasquan (the sister of my late uncle, Ben). She has a lovely home which shares a yard with Ben's father's house. They were a quick ride to a nice boardwalk and a short walk to a little downtown/main street type area. Overall, it was a really nice trip and I was glad to see a few of the places that Ellen talks about so frequently.

The twins enjoying their soda treat with Mr. Newman
-- yes, they're "drinking" it with spoons
I think its really important for the girls to have a connection with their father's family. I know its not easy for Ellen to cart them down there alone. I sensed a little tension between Ben's sisters and my aunt. I would guess that tension in a situation like this would be perfectly normal. I just hope its not something the girls ever pick up on. 

The Boardwalk :: before the total,
simultaneous meltdown of all 3 girls

I'm really glad I had the opportunity to visit. I like the area and the Newman clan was very hospitable. The rides there and back were a little tense.... and we listened to/the girls watched the Tinker Bell movie like 8 times. Overall, a really nice trip! I had never been to a boardwalk like that and hopefully, when the girls are a little older, we can all go back and have a slightly more sane time!

Making..... sand angels?

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