Friday, March 7, 2014

Excusable Absence

I've been away.

Well, that's kind of a lie. I WAS away. I got back a little over a week ago and I've just been too lazy to update.

I went to Singapore and Malaysia with my friend Sarah- and it was really fun. I would say the highlights were: being able to meet up with a friend in Singapore and parasailing in Penang, Malaysia.

Here are the photo highlights!

Hanging out near Clarke Quay

Nature makes a deal with a hotel: now the trees get a better view of the city!

The Merlion Park.

Don't mean to alarm you, but your mythical creature is regurgitating water.....

Chowing down on some laksa. Now I get the obsession.

City view from the very top of the 165-meter Singapore Flier: the biggest ferris wheel in the world!

The ever-stunning Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Cool flowers in the gardens.

Did the elevated walk in the gardens. Great view of the bay area.

Cool lagoon-ish beach on Sentosa.

Met up with Joel and his friend at One Altitude. Look it up... its pretty cool!

Clarke Quay at night.

Sunset and a tattered Malaysian flag.

Gearing up to go up!

Me in the air!

Awesome breakfast spot. Great fresh made juices!

Didn't feel like doing much, so we hung out by our hotel pool!
....just kidding, we couldn't afford to stay at a place like that! We bought a day pass! And THAT is how you win at travelling, folks!

 Kuala Lumpur
Petronas Towers

Very low stalactite at the Batu Caves.

Dark Cave at the Batu Caves. I was playing around with my the settings on my camera while waiting for a tour. This photo was taken with the "watercolor" setting. Came out pretty cool!

Cool beams of light from a skylight in the cave.

Petronas Towers at night.

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