Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I miss hiking

Full disclosure: I love the idea of hiking and I crave the sense of accomplishment that comes once you reach the top. That being said, I hate the climb. I have breathing troubles and bursitis, and the way up is never easy; but it IS worth it.

I miss having mountains in the middle of my city, Specifically, I miss Gubong Mountain. There were 2 trails that started near my apartment and from the top, you had a 360 degree view of the city that included lots of coast, islands, and other mountains.

I miss having that option readily available. I guess I just generally miss living in a place that offered so many active options. I could walk to work. I could walk to the grocery store (which helped keep my purchases in check because I would only bring my backpack for the 3 mile round-trip walk). I miss the (crappy) beaches. I miss being able to buy my produce from grumpy farming grandmothers. I miss not having to worry (as much) about chemical additives.

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