Friday, February 13, 2015

No, srsly....

This is just how important leg day is to me and my routine. I've been doing some freelance, hourly-paid work from home recently. So while I squeezed the gym in on Wednesday, I checked my Fitbit dashboard last night and realized I was only at 39,000 for the week.... with a goal of 10k per day, I should have been at about 50k; almost a whole day behind. To me, that is unacceptable.

Today is leg day, but my knee hurts a little too much to run intervals (the usual start to my leg day routine). Instead, I set a foal of 3 miles to start and did a few lighter exercises to follow up. Right now, I'm updating while taking a cool-down stroll on the treadmill. I'll have about another mile in by the time I'm done.

Recap of Round 1 on the treadmill today.
This slightly lackadaisical routine actually worked out perfectly. I had a bunch of emails to write, Facebook notifications to attend to, and articles to read.. all of which had been taking a back seat to working and job searching.

So even if its going to be a low-key leg day, don't scrap it! (Wahooo! Yay for slow typing~ 1.25 miles! Time to stretch....)

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