Tuesday, March 3, 2015


A friend of mine invited me on her trip to Nicaragua. I'm still jobless, but the temptation is too great!

On the last leg of my US tour, I offered to take a later flight when Delta had overbooked my original flight. So my round trip ticket between Boston and Nicaragua wouldn't cost me anything.
I had made a budget estimate a few weeks back and learned that I had enough money to last me through mid-June, assuming that I was still without an income and had no major surprise expenses.

This trip is not a wise financial decision, but it is a necessary one. I need a break from the job hunt, I need some inspiration, I need some sun, and I want to spend time with my friend. All seem to be good reasons to go.

I'll have to keep a relatively tight budget while we're there: no overeating (I'm always tempted to try things I see from the street vendors), plan out expedition expenses, and minimal cocktail consumption.

I have some rolled coins, Korean Won I forgot to change over, and some Christmas money to ease the expense-blow. After everything, hopefully my bank account won't be more than $300 poorer.

I just need to square a few minor details before I book the ticket- but it looks like I'm going! Yay!

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