Friday, May 8, 2015

Coffee Breaks

Essential to daily function, in my opinion, are frequent and well-timed "coffee breaks."

Not everyone drinks coffee, just like not everyone smokes cigarettes- but smokers take quick breaks all the time, so why shouldn't everyone else?!

On days where I'm seemingly chained to my desk, it is super important to squeeze in time to get away from the computer. I try to take small breaks throughout the day just to keep my brain from overloading. Mornings are usually for coffee and a snack, then lunch, and afternoons are for snack and social media. (See a theme here? I ❤️ food)

Some days, you need to add a little into that break routine to reward yourself. Today, I ditched the milk and overloaded my coffee with whipped cream. Living life on the edge over here! It's nothing overly special, but whatever-- its a nice change from the routine :) Small rewards like that are so vital.

What are your favorite "mental-health" indulgences?
Any interesting coffee flavor combos to share?

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