Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ready, set, pack!

I think I'm severely underestimating the amount of time it will take to prepare me to leave.

I have 2 vacuum sealed bags down. And that's just my shorts and t-shirts I can't yet get over my head. I still need to physically pack:
-summer tops
-winter tops
-work pants
-work shirts
-electronic accessories not going in the carry-on

And I still have to buy:
-hair dryer
-Bare Minerals
-6 month supply of eyeliner & mascara
-1 year supply of deodorant
-1 year supply of toothpaste
-lens solution
-memory card (for my awesome new camera!)
-case for aforementioned camera

And I still need to:
-clean out my car
-clean/consolidate my room so Kelly can move in
-see people

So my schedule looks like:
-W: PT @ 11
Work 12-6:30
Pick up prescriptions

-R: Boston to get my visa
Possibly stopping in to see Beth & the girls on the way home
Meeting MF for dinner at Prov Place for a meal

-F: Laundry
Buying all the things I need but couldn't afford until I got paid
Hockey game w/ Christa, Jess, Meg, & Allison because they're retiring Nick's jersey

-S: Last minute packing
Afternoon dinner w/ my family
Driving to Boston
Staying w/ Margaret

-Su: Mom bringing me to the airport @ like 4am
Fly Bos-SanFran; SanFran-Seoul (thank GOD I'm traveling with someone!)

Why hello, panic.

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