Saturday, February 13, 2010

So. Much. Packing.

I've hit a packing "snafu." Apparently, according to the website, the carry-on weight limit for my flight from SanFran to Singapore is only 15lbs, whereas the flight from Bos to SanFran is 40lbs.

I need to do some serious rearranging, and I think I may have to leave my bedding and just buy some when I get there. I think it may help if I wear my heaviest pair of boots on the plane, and just have my slippers in my carry-on to change so I don't have to wear leather boots for 20+ hours of air travel.

Dedicated to make sure I'm able to get things packed adequately.
Stopping by Lepre to get all my exercises and equipment.
Stop & Shop and/or Target for toiletries (deodorant, razors, lens solution, etc...).
Best Buy for a camera case.
...all of which Kelly will be coming along for. Got to see Adam yesterday, Kelly is today, hockey game with Christa, Jess, Megan, & Allison, and if shes not working, probably trying to stop in and see Aprile.

I feel bad that I haven't been able to see everyone. I only decided/realized I could go on January 15th, and the past few weeks have been dedicated to recouperating after surgery and finishing my last 2 weeks of work. Seeing everyone just isn't possible. Its public knowledge that I'm leaving, but I didn't want to send out a mass message because I knew people would try to get me to visit, which I would have loved to do.... but the more people I individually told, the more I would feel guilty i I couldn't see them. Its been hard enough trying to see my family. I'm not going to be able to see Beth, John, and the girls; Nanny & BuddyGrampa; Fran, Susan, & the kids; Richard, Mike, & Kathryne; etc...

I feel really scattered so I hope I get everything I need and get things done.

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