Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wholesome weekend


I had been promising my students that I would make it to a game before their season was over.
Because they are the only elementary school in the city with a team, they end up travelling for a lot of their games. I'm pleased I was actually able to drag myself out of bed for it. Totally paid off: they won 14-3!!

Later in the afternoon, a group of us went to the beach, hung out, and then bbq'd dinner! It was really delicious! This beach had totally become a "spot" of ours. Unless there are specific other plans, I can ususally just head down to the beach any Sunday afternoon and there will be a group hanging out. Apparently Vitamin D is good for hangover recovery.

Went to watch my kids again... today they won 7-6 and only clinched it in the last inning-- it was an exciting game! This is a view from my walk home. It was a beautiful day!

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