Monday, December 5, 2011


This weekend I went to Seoul. I had a good time, but I was really sick. As if it wasn't bad enough having megacold, I drank a bit to much on Saturday night and it just made the whole situation worse (but more fun).  We had a few things we wanted to do, but naturally the desire to shop kicked in and we ignored everything else. I had a good time and its really nice to get away from Yeosu every once in a while.

Kyla, Jenna, and I

Let's rewind for a minute. We went out on Saturday night and got Mexican at this great small place in Itaewon called Vatos. The staff was super friendly, but not obnoxiously over-attentive. The food was really good and the margarita menu was really creative. A this point, I really wanted to go back to the hostel, but my desire to not be a total downer took over. Tricia suggested we get "one more drink" at The Wolfhound Irish Pub. She was super keen to have this one shot on the menu, and I figured I felt like crap-- what harm could it do? It was actually so delicious and magical, that it picked me right up and I was ready for another round.

When we finished there, we went to this place called Geckos to grab another drink (mainly because we didn't really have much else to do). This US army guy was there with his family and tried to pick up one of my friends, and they guy was a little weird... but his father was over-the-top strange. He kept coming over to our table and the army guy and his sister kept having to pull him away. We made friends with our waitress and another worker there. And then this guy walks in carrying a balloon sword (like a balloon animal, but a sword) and sat at the bar; and I said to my friends "I wana talk to that guy." So I got up and walked over to the bar right next to where he and his friends were drinking, ordered a new drink as my cover, and started chatting with them. The rest of the night was kind of a blur, seeing as I was sick, a little delirious from not having slept much, and being about 70% drunker than I had originally planned to be. He was really well-behaved and didn't try to pull any funny stuff. And get this-- hes a helicopter pilot! Pretty cool guy.

I ended up spending a lot of money over the course of the weekend, but I got some awesome new clothes. I'm definitely excited to wear them!

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