Sunday, January 29, 2012

Miracles Happen!

I was going to go home. I was trying to call the airline to change my flights. Since its a SUPER discount company, you can't ever get a real person on the phone. I gave up, I blogged, then I went to eat. I figured the best place would be the place by the beach I had been sitting on, especially since it was by the road so I could keep an eye out for my friend-- who I didn't expect to see. Thank GOD he has a distinct voice, and I heard him coming up on a scooter about 10 minutes after sitting down! How about that?!

I ended up staying with them for several days. So relaxing and a super easy group to chill with. We all split off yesterday afternoon after the COOLEST expedition ever! We went out on one of the longboats and got out at this deserted island beach. Turned out its wasn't so deserted and boatloads of tourists landed after maybe 10 mins of solitude. Then we went to this cave/reef. We had to jump out of the boat and swim through a current.... if you know anything about me, its that I really want to be active and an awesome athlete; but I've broken, sprained, pulled, crushed, dislocated just about all the important joints/areas... so I tend to be a little bit of a baby about these things haha. Regardless of how utterly ridiculous I looked just about the whole time, it was SO cool!! We climbed up into the cave (recap: small, uninhabited island.... cave in the little cove in the side.) Turns out it was a gypsy cave. Portions of the cave were reserved for the sick, and were left there to die. So I saw a bunch of human remains. No skin or anything, but 2 mandibles (with teeth!), a few femurs and assorted other bones that I'm not really sure what they were. Our guide said it was ok to touch them, but not remove them because that would cause bad luck. Out of respect, I opted out of touching them, but I think that someone has a few pictures.

It wasn't as stressful splitting off from them, because they were headed home. So now I'm on Phuket (at Patong Beach) solo. Found an ok backpackers hostel like a 2 min walk from the beach. First order of business was obviously getting Mexican food. I totally paid a premium and was stared at for being alone, but whatever--it was delicious!

Unfortunately, I spent the day today intermittently lying down, eating (only 2 meals), and going to the doctor. I was in SO much pain in my abdominal area. No real clue why, but I was concerned that it was related to the sharp pain in the lower back (in the kidney area). Actually walked into the clinic crying because it hurt so bad. The doctor was really nice, and told me the 2 issues were exclusive of each other, which was a BIG relief.

The abdominal issue... not sure what he decided it was, but he gave me a a shot right in the bum and a few packets of pills, that I was to start taking at dinner. Let me tell you.... I feel like a new person. The pain isn't entirely gone, but at least I feel functional. Doc said to keep with the light foods just to be safe while I'm still on the meds. I'm not skipping out on all the treats here, I'll just have to be careful. Like, I went to Subway and got a sandwich- skipped the tomatoes, jalapenos, onions, and mustard. Still got my sandwich, but not 100% the way I wanted it. Eh, whate'eeeer. May go for a salad and shepherds pie tomorrow~ yay!

The back issue... turns out it wasn't a pull, but a really severe muscle spasm brought on suddenly when I was dancing and had to jerk a bit to compensate for the already sprained ankle. Yes, I know.... 25 and already falling apart. Doc gave me something that just says "for extremely painful muscle spasm." Like the tummy,  not fully better- but a vast improvement. The bed I'm in doesn't help, but I may just swap when someone leaves the room I'm in. But sheeeat, that was an expensive doc trip; like $96USD! Prob mostly because of the meds and shot.

Its a bummer that I was so sick today. The great thing about hostels is that you can meet people; but I was so obnoxiously in pain, I wasn't too friendly. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little better for that. May try to do 1 tour before I go back home. Tomorrow is a little beach, food, post office so my bag wont be so heavy just in case my back isn't feeling better by then. Gotta shop a little, too.

It's too expensive for me to switch my flights to do KL before I go back to Korea, so I'll have to do it another time :(

Learned a lot this trip about a lot of different things. Hopefully I can apply them in real life, haha!

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