Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tokyo-- Day 1

I'm in Tokyo! 


Haven't been here long, but its pretty cool so far! I'm a little overwhelmed; mainly because I'm alone and I have to make every single sightseeing decision by myself. I typically find it easier to have to split the responsibilities for that. The hostel is cool-- I'm at K's House in Asakusa. One of the guys who works here looks like a Japanese Dave Ghrol circa like 2002. Haven't really eaten yet. I was walking around and wasn't even really hungry, but came across a shwarma stand, so naturally I had to get one. Regret. Not all shwarma are the same. My stomach is bothering me, so I'm back at the hostel with a Coke Zero and a bag of oranges. Uploading pictures to Facebook and hanging out for a few before I head out to Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Harijuku for the afternoon/evening. Harijuku is the area where you can see all the interestingly dressed individuals, so I'll probably head there while its still light. Shinjuku had an intersection considered Tokyo's Time Square, so I'll hang out over there until it gets dark, so I can get some good pictures of the lights! I'm rearranged my schedule so I can stay in Tokyo for another night. Other than Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima are my priorities.... but I would like to see Osaka as well if I can manage it.

I called this the giant turd, but apparently its a carrot? I'm still not really sure.

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