Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tokyo-- Recap of Day 1

Few notes on the rest of yesterday:

The metro is nearly impossible until someone local explains it to you. I got very lost and frustrated on my first real attempt to get anywhere yesterday. I basically went in a big circle around the stops around my hostel without realizing until I had to walk out of the station to transfer to another station.

I'm being judged harshly for my shoes and outfit. Every day I'm wearing my blue Nikes, crappy jeans, a hoodie, and my NorthFace. Not fashionable, it the locals are taking notice.

A lot of the people here, especially the women and older men are distinctly more Western looking than in Korea. You'll think you're looking at a foreigner, but they they'll start speaking Japanese. -Thought I saw someone I knew from Korea. Literally this girl looked JUST like her. It was so weird! But the area was so busy that there was no way I could have managed to snag a picture.

Drank a bit with some cool people in my hostel. Irish guy who lives in NZ, Australian girl with Japanese parents, couple of Mexican-American girls, an American with a curly handlebar mustache, a moderately uptight English girl, a Philippino-Mexican guy, Australian guy who got over-the-top drunk and passed out, another Aussie who has fantastic hair and likes rings, 2 more Aussie dudes who were wearing seemingly matching pink and baby blue t-shirts, this guy who looks like someone I've seen on tv but can't remember what show he's from, and a fantastically handsome Dutch guy.

Drunk guy polished off some ceviche offered to him by the Mexican girls and then passed out with the pot still in his hands)

The carnage.

Today I think I might head back to Harajuku with a few people here to check out all the crazily styled people. Aparently Sunday is the day to do it. Hoping to get to the Metro Government building as well, and then Ueno... but its ok if I miss Ueno today because its super close to my hostel and I can do it before I leave for Kyoto tomorrow!

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