Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quick breads are a live-alone's best friend!

Recently I've been playing around with recipes for different types of breads. In Korea, produce is usually purchased in bulk; and since I live alone, I need to come up with different and interesting ways to keep the food from going to waste!

The 2 breads I've attempted have both come out really nice. One was a banana bread with peanut butter and oats; the other was an apple bread with homemade apple sauce. The latter has a little more sugar in the recipe than I may prefer, but I'm going to mess around with the flour-to-oats ratios, so I'll also try to swap something sweet in for a portion of the sugar. What sweet fruits might compliment apples?

I'm going to attempt some kind of chocolate and peanut (or whatever nut is cheapest haha) with oat bread. Another that I HOPE turns out well will be what I'm conceptualizing as a "garbage" bread. It will allow for a variety of veggies to be used (basically, if it can be baked, it can go into the bread). I think in the first test, I'm going to use carrots, broccoli, onion, green pepper, and maybe kidney beans. I'll also add a little bacon and Parmesan cheese for the salty factor.

I think I'll experiment with those later on tonight. I want the recipes to have some kind of health-factor to them, and I know that breads aren't usually very healthy. I'll try to sub in oats where I can and reduce the sugar/salt for other ingredients that add both flavor and the taste I'm looking for (like remove the salt, and use the saltiness of the bacon to make up for the deficit).

Oh! Olive bread??! That could be good! I'll post pictures and maybe recipes if I like something enough to share!

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