Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I made chicken the other day. I did 3 different flavors in individual foil packets:
- plain with olive oil and cut peppers and onions
- whole grain mustard
- pesto

The plain with veg was great for lunch yesterday, but the real geeat idea came this afternoon. I don't really like mayo. I don't really like the flavor or the texture or knowing exactly how unhealthy it is. I do, however, agree that it is necessary to act as glue from time to time. I came up with the idea of using tofu mixed with a little extra virgin oo as the glue for the chicken salad sandwich I had planned for dinner. I threw the whole grain mustard chicken in the food processor with a stalk of celery, then mixed in the ' tofunayse.'

It came out as awesome as I had hoped! I wouldn't recommend using tofu as a replacement for all mayo applications, as tofu has a slight flavor if left as is. I tried it with cumin, salt, and pepper and dipped raw peppers in it.... not so good. Not terrible, but not exactly a culinary triumph.

After I had the tofu idea, the weirdest thing happened. I was watching Top Chef season 9, and one of the episodes required the chefs to choose a block party dish, and then create a healthier version than the traditional. Turns out that one of the chefs was also doing a chicken salad.... with tofu-mayo! I just wished they had focused in on him a bit more so I could see how he did it and what he added!

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