Monday, April 15, 2013


I spent this past weekend up in Seoul. Took the KTX up Friday night. Takes the 4-4.5 hour bus ride and chops it to 3 hours and 20ish minutes.

We got in to the hostel around 11pm and went out to grab a snack. One of the greatest things about a Seoul weekend is being able to access foods we normally can't get in Yeosu. Or at home for that matter. I've really broadened my palate since moving to Asia. The treat we decided on was kebabs. I'm not sure how legit they are, but they're pretty fantastic!

Before we hit the shopping area, we stopped for brunch at this AWESOME (and always packed) brunch spot named The Flying Pan Blue. The quality and portions are perfect for the price. I have never been disappointed by my choices there. This time I got something called the Gangnam breakfast: whole wheat pancake, fried spinach and tomato, sausage and bacon, scrambled eggs, with Canadian maple syrup, a side of hummus and apple juice. Perfect.

The goal was to get some seasonal shopping done. We were very disappointed to find that Forever21 was closed for remodeling; but all was not lost! H&M was still open and  had some great stuff! I got like 3 pairs of shorts-- which were definitely needed and a few other nice things. Its a little pricier, so I wasn't able to get quite as much for my money- but I'm happy with my selections.

I purposely didn't post on Facebook that I was going to Seoul because I knew it would only be met with "WHY are you going any closer to North Korea than you have to?!" I have to say, the sheer panic and terror of the Seoul natives was very disturbing.

NOT. Just business as usual in Myungdong (one of the shopping areas in Seoul). The only chaos I saw was shopping-related.

We met up with m friend Bianca's friends for a delicious dinner at a place called Trevia in Itaewon. It was so good! For "dessert" afterwards we went to Standing Coffee and got blue lemon aid.

Came back quite early on Sunday and arrived in Yeosu at about 2:30pm. I spent my time on the train catching up on one of my favorite Youtube channels by SarahFit. One of the videos I watch inspired me to check out this app called Couch to 5k. I'll get more into that in my next post :)

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