Monday, May 20, 2013


This past weekend 20 of us from Yeosu went to a festival on the next little peninsula (it might actually be an island...) to the east from Yeosu. I had a great time despite all the little setbacks that the event experienced. On the first day, the catered lunch never arrived, then I think dinner was late. Later that night, the DJ got shut down and then the bonfire on the beach got shut down not too long after. On the second day, there was a similar issue with lunch, and most of us opted out of dinner as the "traditional Korean bbq" that was advertised, turned out to be a little less awesome than we originally hoped. That, and a lot of people felt a little tummy-sick afterwards. I felt really bad for the guy who was organizing the event. I think he was a travel agent who was asked by some committee to head-up the event planning and day-of duties. Sounds like the festival was awesome last year, so he appeared to be very wigged-out when things weren't going so well.

My best guess is that after the first day lunch snafu, he cancelled the company all together and asked for a refund. I would guess it was pre-paid, which is why they couldn't just pay the extra vendors up-front. It was on a ticket system, so the festival-provided meals were supposed to be "paid for" with your ticket. There were also extras available for purchase, which ended up taking tickets after what I'm SURE was a lot of begging.

I had a lot of fun with the people we were with. I don't like to get too stressed out about what we're "supposed to be doing," but rather enjoy the time with the people I'm with. So I wasn't too bothered about all the random things that went wrong.

The weekend and recent times have given me a few new perspectives on things. One of which is that hanging around so many couples can be really helpful. Right now in Yeosu, there are a lot of couples (married, engaged, or just dating); and historically when couples show up here, you rarely see them. However, right now is a totally different story. All the couples are really fun and social. Considering my dating life has been pretty sad, I had always felt a little worried about not knowing what I want in a man. Now that I see all these successful relationships and such varying personalities, I feel like I have a much better grasp of what type of man I would be compatible with and what personality traits would make me happy.

I hope no one who reads this (if anyone actually does) takes any of it the wrong way. I'm not out to steal any boyfriends. I'm just stealing ideas. Like, I can see something in one of them that I would like in a man, and then see other things that I know might not work with me or my personality. I feel a lot more confident now that I feel like I know what values and traits are important to me, and what pieces I could and should try to avoid.

Now all I have to do is see what finds me!

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