Monday, May 6, 2013

Welcome, summer!

The festival was super fun! I was however, pretty upset because I didn't realize that the kids wouldn't be moving down the street like they had done in years past. This caused me to miss them doing their performances, but I did still get a few good pictures. 

I spent a good chunk of time there on Saturday as well. Met Ray and Victoria there and had a nice afternoon of drinking makkeoli and eating clams in various applications. It was a pretty delicious afternoon. We met up with a few friends and ran into another friend who was on his way to the fish market. We all went together and picked the fish out of the tanks, went up stairs to a row of restaurants, and the fish was delivered up to us. It was a pretty cool dinner experience. I ate "live" (not technically alive, but its still moving) octopus for the first time. It really isn't bad at all. It looks really gross, but it doesn't have much of an actual flavor. If you can chew gum, you can manage this.

A bunch of us (upwards of 30 actually) went out Saturday night. It was super fun. We went to this new-ish place called Uno, which is a mix of dancing, noraebang, and pick-your-own beer. Its probably one of the most fun places that we've ever had in Yeosu. We usually end up staying there for a looong time.

Sunday was pretty lazy. Started the Sunday beach recovery season. Which is basically another way of saying "lay on the beach until your hangover subsides.... then go get dinner before the reality of the looming Monday sets in."

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