Monday, June 3, 2013

Fred Durst said it best...

It's all about the "he said, she said" bullshit. Kinda.

I have like 5% privacy here. Sometimes its not a big deal. Sometimes the attention is fun.

And sometimes.....

It really bugs me when I tell one person something, and then someone else approaches me about it. I haven't been feeling very well the past few days, and I've been trying to eat very bland food to make the problem go away. Because she asked, I told one of my co-teachers about it; and later that day the other one mentioned something to be about it. I generally wasn't going to tell anyone, but she asked.... and it makes me crazy that, even though it was out of concern, she discussed it with other teachers. This instance in particular isn't very upsetting, but its a symptom of a bigger problem. I think that generally, western foreigners are more private and aware of what is or is not our business to talk about in regards to others.

For example, with my foreign friends here, there is a reasonable expectation that if I say something, they're not necessarily going to repeat it. I can say pretty definitely, if I tell one co-teacher something they will likely tell the other.

I know it typically comes from a place of caring, but I also feel like I'm treated like a child and not a capable adult. I'm capable of taking care of myself and getting things for myself. I don't need constant supervision. Just 2 weeks ago, the school went to Suncheon and one of my co-teachers decided to come with us at the last minute. I told her I was surprised, and she said that "she needed to be there to watch after me." WHAT? That is so insulting. The fact that the school treats me like a student is absolutely ridiculous to me. Its NO WONDER the students don't respect me. It's unreasonable of me to expect respect from them when the examples being set by the teachers and administration are giving the students cues that I'm not equal to the other teachers in the school.

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