Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tea time

This week we had a very long weekend. Thursday was Korean Memorial Day and some of the schools also gave the Friday off as well.

Thursday a bunch of us went to the beach and then for pizza. It was a really relaxing day! Friday I got up an went to the gym and then met Ray and Victoria for lunch at my favorite shabu shabu restaurant. We had something a little different from what I usually order there- and it was really good! After that, we hopped over to a local organic mart...and I think I signed up for a membership (but not 100% sure seeing as the process was a little confusing). I sent out a few packages and then saw the new Star Trek movie (which was really good!).

Saturday I went to the Boseong Green Tea Fields for the second time. It was really nice and green and there were loads of people. Got the treats I had wanted, too!

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