Monday, June 10, 2013


On the Thursday of my long weekend, I spent majority of the day with Ray and Victoria. They had me over for lunch before we went off to the beach... and it was a creative, healthy, and delicious meal. I enjoyed it SO much, I duplicated it for my lunch today!

Here's what we had (full credit to Victoria and Ray!):
- canned tuna, drained and seasoned as you like (they used some red pepper gochujang- it might have been the powder and not the paste... I'm not positive)
- tofu, medium firmness works best
- bell peppers
- oriental dressing
- lettuce leaves (for wrapping)
- (they also had gochujang paste, but I don't have that in my apartment)

So good and really easy. Just put all the stuff in the lettuce leaf and wrap it all up. For the sake of ease and no-drip, I dipped the tofu in the dressing before I put it in the wrap.

I would imagine food like this where you need to assemble as you go, could be a really fun option for kids!

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