Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Leave it!

I was pretty productive for a Sunday!

I didn't really do much Saturday night since I had a headache. When I got back from Boseong, I went to Pizza Hut for dinner since its right across from the bus terminal. After that I went to Emart... which is next to Pizza Hut. They finally had avocados back in stock! I felt bad because I told a friend I would meet her, but I couldn't kill the headache that had started earlier in the day. The bus ride back really sealed my fate and turned it into a migraine. Fell asleep early and therefore woke up early.

I wanted to do a hair mask. Its basically like moisturizer for your hair, but it needs to be rinsed. I wanted to go to the gym as well so I put it in, went to the gym, and rinsed it out during my post-workout shower.  My hair feels great!

And, MAN did I look superfantastic at the gym today or whaaat?

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