Monday, June 17, 2013


Just had an AWESOME weekend with friends up in Seoul. We went to Ultra Music Festival at the Olympic Stadium. It was an all-day affair. We arrived at about 3pm and we were there until almost 1am. The 10ish hours we were there went by so fast!

It's hard to describe how awesome it was, so here are some (and by some, I mean a TON) pictures:
Mexican "breakfast" at On The Border

Waiting for the metro!

Seoul Olympic Stadium

Main stage

Going on to hour # 4

Hanging at the live stage

They're really tiny, but I promise that the Kpop group Shinee is up there!

Here they are a little bigger!

Main stage


Carl Cox and Friends stage

Things are starting to get crazy

Break time

Main stage

AVICII time!!

Pure chaos for AVICII

Delicious-but-deadly Sunday breakfast

Aaaaand I had to bring this back to Yeosu with me! :) 

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