Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend tasties.

I made/ate some new things this weekend!

1. Sweet potato (고구마) fries.

The Korean sweet potato is a little different from the ones at home. They turned out pretty good.

Here's what I did: 
mix with olive oil, salt, and pepper; 
bake until cooked.

2. Rando-dip.

I called it "rando" because I was late and literally threw things into a bowl, taste-tested, didn't like it, threw some more things in, and it came out good.

Here's what I used (very waste-line friendly):
~4 tbs Greek yogurt (whatever is the LEAST sweet
~1 tbs Ranch dressing
~fistful of green onion
~2ish tsps cumin
~salt and pepper to taste

3. Lunch

I went over to a friend's house for lunch on Sunday. She said she didn't know how to cook, but she put together a pretty interesting and delicious mix! Green peppers and onions sauteed, sweet potato steamed-- then mixed into the frying pan... and then get this-- cracked in an egg. Add a little salt and turmeric and BAM! It was so good. Super easy, something I would never have thought to put together-- definitely a recipe I will use in the future.

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