Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Color Run and Vatos Urban Tacos!

Last weekend, I went to Seoul with a few of my friends for the Color Run. It was super fun and we were totally covered in rainbow cornstarch. It was more of a walking 5k than a running 5k, because the pathways were so packed with people.

Some photo highlights:

Pre-start good, "clean" fun! 

Mirror magic.

 Found some fall colors!

New Balance flag... and photobomb?

 Yay! We finished!

Time to get serious here. Naturally, after such a long morning of physical exertion, we were starving. We headed over to Vatos Urban Tacos in Itaewon. I am SO glad we were able to get in.

Vatos in Itaewon!

The six of us split cheese dip and kimchi fries. I split shrimp and lime tacos and a burrito with one of my friends. We also got the huge margaritas. The drinks were perfect, but I tend to like to be able to taste the tequila in my drinks. I asked for an extra shot so I could kick it up a bit and they happily obliged-- and I think they discounted it for me since I was adding it to the drink I already had.

I would have to say that the food I ate this past visit is definitely my favorite I've had there. The kimchi fries and shrimp lime tacos were really something special.

I should also mention that the waitstaff was really nice and knowledgeable. The service was very quick for such a busy restaurant.

I was surprised to see bad reviews on TripAdvisor... until I actually read what they had to say. One said that they couldn't get in. Well, you shouldn't be writing a review on a restaurant you haven't eaten at. Yes, the wait is long... but because its so good! If you want to eat there, make a strategy to go an hour before you actually want to eat... or go for lunch!

Also, another review said the food wasn't anything special. While everyone is entitled to their opinion; this person's opinion was just plain wrong. The Vatos menu is very imaginative and unique. To say its "nothing special" tells me that whomever wrote the review was looking for a specific definition of Mexican food. Well, if it was called "Vatos Mexican Food" then I would be able to see your disappointment, reviewer. However, the restaurant is named Vatos Urban Tacos, and I think that the food lives up to it's name. If you walk in expecting a certain thing you're going to be disappointed. If you walk in with an open mind, you'll be wowed.

Masterful mix of Cali-mex, Southwest-mex, and Korean fusion.

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