Friday, October 25, 2013

What's in my bag?

I have learned to keep pretty well focused when I'm packing my carry-on bags. I usually have a backpack and my purse (or "personal item").

I very rarely have less than 2 flights, so my lists describe items that are good to have for trips with connections.

So what's in 'em?

Personal Item:
(mine is a medium-sized purse)
  • wallet with ID
  • phone (with extra battery)
  • headphones
  • socks
    • sometimes planes and airports are cold
  • hand wipes
  • any OTC medicines
  • lip balm
  • pen (black or blue)
    • if you're traveling internationally, you will probably need to fill out an arrival card and customs form-- which will need to be done in black or blue
  • a little powder concealer
    • again, if you're travelling internationally, you may need to pass through a quarantine checkpoint... I've never been stopped, but I'm always really aware of how crappy, pale, and greasy I look after flying for a long time

NOTE: I don't keep my passport in a bag. I keep it on my person or in my hand. I keep my boarding pass in the passport.

Carry-on Bag
(mine is usually a medium-sized, every-day style backpack)
  • electronics
    • Laptop or tablet
    • iPod
    • camera(s)
    • chargers for all electronics
      • I HIGHLY recommend purchasing a wall charger with a detachable USB cord. I'm able to charge my phone, iPod, and camera with 1 wall unit so I just need to pack the small USB connector cords.
  • converter plugs
  • a tightly-packed change of clothes
    • underwear
    • socks
    • top
  • (2) zipper bags with toiletries
    • 1 with face wash, moisturizer, toothbrush, and toothpaste
    • 1 with a face cloth (alone in its bag so when you use it, it wont get the other supplies wet!)
  • small snacks
  • water
  • anything breakable
  • anything you'll want/need during a layover (ie; magazine, book, nail polish, etc...)

Next up:
What to wear.

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