Thursday, December 12, 2013

25 from the past 21

Whoops. Three weeks without an update.

1. Awesome tree in the park near my house. The fall colors are only around for about 2 weeks, and this tree has held on for almost 4!

2. I was entrusted with the Leaning Cactus of Yeosu when my friend Meghan left earlier this year. It has been renamed to Swagtus.

3. Looking mighty fine with my girls! (Those glasses were stolen later that night. Not bitter at all.)

4. The open-air food/crap market near my school got a nice face lift! There was nothing at that entryway before, and now the whole thing is covered and looks a little more inviting with the new "doorway."

5. Pho in Yeosu! Nice Sunday afternoon dinner. (Pho and a sampler plate with 2 different kinds of spring rolls and whatever that yellow pouchy thing was)

6. Post-dinner coffee shop time! Red velvet in Korea? Weird-- but delicious!

7. We had been together not 90 minutes prior. However, a lot can happen in 90 minutes... and a lot DID happen. An emergency Skype was needed to debrief what has just happened to poor Kim.... and Sarah isn't actually green... its a face mask! Wine also happened.

8. It's weird to see Christmas in places other than Emart.... so it was a nice surprise to see some decorations at the gym!

9. Walking to my genius class. Looks like everything is stacked on top of each other!

10. A few of the Genius 1A class.... a few students didn't come to the last day of class :(

11. 1B class picture!

12 & 13. Snack party for the last class!
14 & 15. The small girls I see every week! The little one gave me a new face haha

16. Nice view from a seaside road in Yeosu.

17. Had a Saturday afternoon Christmas craft sesh.

18. The shadows look like aliens! Its really little outlines of chicks.

19. Went out to a great fusion place for Sunday dinner. I had a steak- it was really good! Aaand, wine happened.

20. "Teacher! Take my picture! Only me..." Sure, ok kid. I told him I took 2 pictures of him, but took 1 selfie of myself rolling my eyes and 1 of him. Good thing he thought it was funny.

21. Ordered myself a treat from! Super cheap shipping to Korea!

22. Found dragon fruit at Emart!!! I could eat this all day every day.

23. I totally under-utilize this quick food spot! I hesitate to call it "fast food" because that implies that its dirty and gross. Toast sandwich with cheese, chicken, and egg.

24. The kids were cooking when I walked into the room, and offered me a taste. There were no forks, and I was in a rush, so I just used a knife. It got a laugh.

25. Oma-rice. Fried rice with an egg blanket and a beautiful drizzle of ketchup.

So that's the last few weeks in pictures!

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