Monday, December 16, 2013

Seoul in pictures

Went to Seoul for the weekend to see some Christmassy things, see some people, and eat some food!

Arrived Friday night and there were lights outside the bus terminal!

I feel like caffeine and fiber are a terrible mix. 
Get you amped up and then.... make you poop?

Had to go for the footlong.
So satisfying!!

Fantastic breakfast at The Flying Pan Blue in Itaewon. 
I got the Itaewon Breakfast (fried eggs, bacon, fried tomato, spinach, potato salad, toast, orange marmalade, and hummus) and a side of pancakes. 
Absolutely demolished it. 

Cute little scene atop the little shopping center in Insadong.

Dung Cafe.
Cute coffee shop with hilarious decor.
It was great coffee, too!

Funny advert in the metro. 
(From the popular animation "Larva")

...the gift of what?

Great lights at the Shinsegae Department Store in Myungdong.

Nice fountain outside of the Shinsegae.

Hung out with some of the Army rugby boys for the weekend.
We even bought one in the Date Auction.

This was not what I pictured when we ordered "fried shrimp."

View from the roof of the hostel.

Sellfie time.

Hair of the dog.

Cupid snowman?

Got home and cooked a whole bunch! Headgear was necessary.
Pumpkin soup.
Crock pot sweet potato mash.
Banana bread muffins.
Stuffed peppers (brown rice and veg).

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