Monday, July 28, 2014

Oh, Canada!

Welcomed with a hat, a caesar,
and a hokey stick.
Now I'm officially Canadian
I recently returned from a fantastic trip to Canada. Kaylyn had a birthday and I hadn't seen her or Megan in a long time, so I figured I needed a trip to the true north. The trip took just about 7 hours-- but would've been faster had I not needed to stop to go to the bathroom so many times. I'm a very well hydrated individual. I was pumped to see my friends and be able to finally check out this magical place I've heard of so often: Brockville. Its a really nice area and I felt at ease pretty quickly. It probably had something to do with me knowing multiple people in the area. I got to check out the area, I got to see Ottawa, and we drove out a lake house to do a come camping for Kaylyn's birthday. After a great few days with my MacFriends, I headed down to visit Lisa and Haydn right outside Toronto. Had my first official Tim Hortons experience, and now I totally get the hype. Lisa and I went into Toronto for a day-- got a pair of Lulu Lemon leggings! We also headed into Toronto again to catch a Jays vs. Sox game. It was a total massacre.

It was one of those trips that was so fun that words fail-- so here are some picture highlights!
Kaylyn and I outside the Parliament building in Ottawa
Checked out a small brewery after kayaking. Maaaybe I should have eaten a little more beforehand...

Clancy and I totally nailing the badminton thing. Sorta.

Someone likes to cuddle!
First order of business: selfie.

I couldn't stop laughing.... even the buses are polite!

Korean food!

Jays - Sox game! Tough loss to take

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