Friday, June 28, 2013


I know that I talk a lot about food and exercise; and that may come off as being a bit obsessive and concerning. I've steered myself towards a healthier diet and I just like to exercise. I still indulge in unhealthy treats. For example, I ate pretty well all day then had a teachers dinner... where I ate an embarrassing amount of nutritious foods. Then I went to the movies and got a medium popcorn and soda. I made a small adjustment by asking for a lot of ice and not finishing the soda, but still.... that's a pretty craptastic snack.

There IS a reason behind my being so on top of things food-wise.

I have a medium frame. I have wide hips and I can hold a little extra weight on my frame without it being too obvious. I don't ever want to allow myself to be complacent about my health. I could either stay thin or pack it on accidentally. My genes tell me that both options are possible. We also have a history of breast cancer and heart disease on both side of my family, so I want to make sure I'm not putting anything in that can have long-term side effects and keeping a pretty consistent cardio routine. THAT is why I work so hard.

...and I DO work hard. I don't work nearly as hard as I could, but still-- a strong effort goes into my food and exercise routine. I'm proud of being able to trim down. Even though I've been at it for about 6-8 weeks, I still feel like I'm settling into my routine. That is one of the big reasons why I like talking about it so much-- it keeps me accountable to someone, even if I'm only accountable to myblogself :)

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