Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lunchtime lumination

I just made a discovery.

I was sitting here eating lunch and watching the British reality show, Super Size vs. Super Skinny. I didn't realize that the school lunch was crappy, but luckily I had brought a few small things I was able to turn into a meal. I didn't think I would be satisfied with the small thing I brought, so I broke into and prepared a 1/2 portion of my emergency ramen.

I got about 1/2 way through my 1/2 portion of ramen when I realized I really didn't want it. Like, at all. Couldn't champ though it, Now here's the twist: I didn't want it mainly because I would RATHER have had the pepper.

I feel like I've just taken a big right-hand turn from "Big Effort Street" to "This Is Easy; I Don't Want That Crap Anymore Street." I still want things like pizza and other "unhealthy" foods, but even if the craving hits, I don't need to eat the WHOLE pizza to satisfy the craving. I use that term "healthy" loosely because let's get serious here--- pizza is good for the soul!

It was a small hump to overcome, but I don't really miss the crap anymore.... and IF I do want it, I don't really go overboard... and IF I happen to go a little overboard, its not a big deal because it doesn't happen often.

So now things like this make me happy:
For lunch I had 3 crackers with 3 Belcubes, and 1/2 a red bell pepper with oriental dressing. Not much protein in the meal, so I'll have a plain yogurt with strawberries and vanilla protein powder.

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