Monday, May 30, 2011

Around town in May

May has been a pretty active month here. The weather has been pretty warm, so my friends and I have had a lot of opportunities to go and do things without the crazy winter winds pushing us back inside! 

Here are some highlights!::

We went to a restaurant for a friends birthday. This is one of the dishes we got-- its like a spicy chicken soup. I'm sure it was good, but my taste buds felt like they were on fire, so I had to call it quits after about 2 spoonfuls. This is typically how soupy things are served-- on a portable burner in a pot that people usually just eat straight out of.

Went and hung around with the kids at the orphanage. The weather was really nice, so we took them outside to the playground. Cuteness and lots of hitting ensued.

I got off the bus at a different stop, equally close to my school, and walked through some back alley and roads. I'm always a little wary about walking through the residential areas because once I really startled a really old lady. It's not every day you see a random foreigner walking in a random alley in a quiet neighborhood in SK...

Menus at a tiny little bar in Yeoseodong.

Lemon cupcake at a little place hidden in Yeocheon.

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