Wednesday, June 1, 2011

They build up.

In a country that's roughly 70% mountain, its no wonder that Koreans have chosen to build up instead of out!

This is what Korean apartments look like. Seriously, the country is filled with these. And I don't think you can see it, but the number on the building is in the 600s... The Booyeong Apartments go from 100-1000, and each has at least 4 buildings (101-104, 601-607, 901-911, etc...). This "brand" is all over the city. I live right smack between the 900s and 700s, but I'm not really sure when there 800s are.

I figured since no one has come to visit me, that I'll include some random pictures of things that I see on a daily basis. This is the main intersection right near my house, the large apartments in the previous picture are directly to my left. This is the way I walk home from the gym. At this point in my walk (if I make the super- short crosswalk light) I'm about 3 minutes form my apartment.

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