Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dark chocolate

Chocolate is wonderful. I came across this great infographic (from that compares and contrasts dark and milk chocolate. Everyone has their preferences, but take a look; this might just change your mind and redirect your hand when reaching for a chocolately snack!

Truthfully, I usually prefer the taste of milk chocolate-- provided that there hasn't been a load of sugar added. I have never understood why some companies dump extra sugar into something that is so great already; makes it unpalatable!

Though the milk chocolate might edge out dark in taste, when you weigh the benefits of dark against those of the milk chocolate, dark may win your favor. I once learned (and I cannot find the documentary where I learned this) that something about the lactose in the milk chocolate blocks the absorption of a lot of the nutrients in chocolate (or more specifically, cacao). Since there is no milk/lactose in dark chocolate, or at least there is not supposed to be, our bodies can reap the benefits.

In Korea, they had these FANTASTIC little tubs of chocolate bites. They came in a variety of cacao percentages and were perfect for whenever the craving hit. I would usually grab a 72% or a 56% at rest stops on bus trips. I had one next to my computer at home and one on my desk at school. Having something small to crush the craving was a huge help for me. Also, I noticed that I was OK with just having a few of them, having one or two didn't make me feel like I was on the verge of a binge. Ya know why that is? Because they weren't loaded with sugar or salt. Those two ingredients are known enemies in the war against snacking. They both set off this impulse in your brain that causes you to want to reach in for more.

I miss having products like this readily available. However, I was perusing some other blogs and noticed a picture of a special extra dark Lindt chocolate bar! Definitely going to snag one and portion it out so I can pretend its my beloved Korean Lotte 72% cacao.

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