Friday, January 30, 2015

It's ok to be a little NUTS!

I came across another great infographic today care of Daily Burn. If you're health conscious or trying to lose weight, nuts can be a fantastic source of protein and healthy fats. They're good for digestion and low on the Glycemic Index

One issue that I have when putting together a portion of these special little fruits (yes, they're technically part of the fruit family) is keeping the snack balanced. I want enough that I'm going to feel satisfied, but I know that they can be a high in calories so its hard to know when I've crossed from "healthy, appropriate snack" to "whoa why are you eating that many calories before dinner??"

So, here it is!!:

Holy pistachios, Batman! In my book, pistachios are the overall winner. For me, part of the joy i derive from eating is the preparation itself. Given that the pistachio experience is both interactive AND delicious, the fact that I can have 62 for 200 calories.... total bonus!

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