Friday, February 20, 2015

Gym Playlist!

I have a gym-specific playlist that I always listen to when I'm working out. I'm always looking for new songs, especially with upbeat tempos or songs I can let my mind wander while listening to.

Since every workout is different, I occasionally skip over certain songs depending on what I'm doing. There are, however, a lot of songs that I will never skip because they're too awesome! Some are new and some are old, but all are epic!

Countdown-style: Top 15 gym-playlist songs I NEVER skip!

(15) Fire- Gavin Degraw
Cool video of intense roller derby chicks.
+"we are the champions /  setting it off again / oh we on fire /we on fire"
+"in this world / he who stops / won't get anything he wants / play like the top one percent / til nothing's left to be spent / we don't care / we won't stop / call your mothers / call the cops"
Playing hard? Giving it all? Um, heck YES!

(14) Dangerous- David Guetta feat. Sam Martin
Good bead, uptempo, great to run to.

(13) Sugar- Karmin
Something super..... I don't know. Its a great song to let my mind wander to.

(12) The Boys- Girls Generation (SNSD)
If you've seen the video, then the motivation to want legs like those girls is enough.
+"wanna know my secrets / but no I'll never tell / 'cause I got the magic touch / and I'm not tryin to fail / that's right / and I  / can't deny / I know I can fly"

(11) Never Gonna Wake Up (mashup)- Rick Astley / Avicii
I love Rick Astley, and paired with Avicii's fun beats AND the random guest cameo in the middle- this song is awesome for cardio time!

(10) Them Girls Be Like - Fifth Harmony
Just a cockybitch-type song.

(9) On a Mission - Katy B
I've loved this song for a while. It's about a girl at a club who just wants to drink and dance. It doesn't hurt that her name is Katy.

(8) Girl in a Country Song- Maddie & Tae
Just hilarious.

(7) Call Your Girlfriend- Robyn
I loved Robyn when she came out with "Show Me Love" in 1997-- and even got the cassette tape for Christmas that year. Loved her already, and let's be serious, we ALL have/had that guy who we were in love with and had a girlfriend. Gets my mind wandering off the knee-pain and on to the "could have been."

(6) GDFR- Flo Rida feat. Sage The Gemini & Lookas
Its goin down fo reallll. This song is like that beefcake over by the free weights = weird motivation to work hard. And it sounds good.

(5) Yellow Flicker Beat- Lorde
Its about hard times and people who were mean to you. Frustration is a great motivation for exercise. AND if you saw her AMA performance, I'm sure you're also wondering how she was able to breathe, sing, and bounce around on stage like that. The lung capacity on that girl must be insane!

(4) Elastic Heart- Sia
I love the video. I wasn't super sure what I was watching the first time I viewed it, but I never interpreted it as inappropriate. I think its a song about inner turmoil and frustration. And just a cool song that I have a hard time not singing along to whenever it comes on.

(3) Carry Out- Timbaland feat. Justin Timberlake
It's a song about hot bodies. Need I say more?

(2) Nobody to Love- Alex Newell
Alex Newell is a force and this song has a great beat. I always get a smile on my face when it comes up in the shuffle.

(1) i- Kendrick Lamar
This takes the top spot because there is a repeating lyric that describes why I work out.
+"the sky can fall down / the wind can cry now / the strong in me / I still smile / and I love myself"

*Phew* that was difficult! 10 ~ 15 are pretty close to joining the "skippable" songs on my playlist, but the top 5 are all pretty equal!

If you have any great songs, let me know!! I need more!

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