Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Brownie Dessert

This is it! This is what my mom calls The Brownie Dessert. It ends up being a little time intensive, with not a lot of that time actually being hand-on. This treat is hard to mess up and unique enough that if you show up to a party with it, people will be impressed.

The one pictured is from my sister's birthday. It looked pretty basic, but the surprise treat in the middle definitely added a little something extra.

You'll need:
1 box brownie mix. Yes, whatever brand/style you like.

Whatever the box says you need (usually eggs, oil, and water)

Ice cream of choice. Something plain-ish works best (vanilla, coffee, cookie dough, cookies'n'cream).

Brownie pan

Bundt pan

Do this:
Prepare the batter to the box specification. (see note below)

Bake in the brownie pan, but cut the time short by about 3-5 minutes. The goal is to have the raw materials cooked sufficiently and the brownies solid, but pliable.

While still hot, scoop the brownies out of the brownie pan and press against the sides of the bundt pan and put it in the freezer until cold to the touch.
Scoop the ice cream into the ice cream into the brownie shell. It will be easier if you let the ice cream sit out for a few minutes beforehand.  IF you wanted to mix something into the ice cream like nuts or sprinkles, now would be the time. For my the version in the picture, mom put some raspberry jelly in the middle of the vanilla ice cream-- great combo! Firmly press the ice cream into the mold- make as dense as possible.

Back into the freezer for a little bit, and then enjoy!

(NOTE: Since the summer, I haven't used oil in any of my baking. Greek yogurt is a great substitute and you lose no flavor, and I find that the items are a lot more moist.)

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