Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl Ads

There were a lot of.... interesting commercials in this year's Super Bowl. I was a little surprised at how shallow or low some of the companies stooped to pull at the heart-strings of the consumers.

I Liked:

I thought the Dove Men + Care was nice. It wasn't overly sentimental, didn't try too hard to romanticize the product, and the kids were cute.

I don't really eat chips, but I do fly a lot. The Doritos- Middle Seat was really entertaining. The recorder was hilarious! Well done, Doritos.

If you're turned off by slapstick, you might not like the GrubHub- Because Burrito commercial. I thought it was a kinda funny.

I really liked the Bud Light- Pac Man commercial. It was probably the most entertaining ad of the game.

Snickers: The Brady Bunch chuckle-worthy.

Microsoft: Estella's Brilliant Bus was inspiring. I think I liked the idea more than the commercial itself, but overall a nice ad.

I loved the Avocados From Mexico: First Draft Ever. It was funny and surprising. I had no idea where the ad was headed until the avocado was drafted. Good call, Mexico.

Dodge: Wisdom was not a super powerful ad, but it was cool that they featured a bunch of centenarians!

The creative and well thought out BMW: Newfangled Idea was definitely a stand-out for me. It took me a minute to recognize Katie and Bryant, but it was a well-researched ad.

If on the Nationwide: Invisible Mindy spot had come on after it's terrible counterpart, Nationwide might have been able to come out even. Mindy is a great sport and the car wash scene was awesome.

I Was Unimpressed By:

Kia- Perfect Getaway could have been cool, but was a little blah. Come on! You have Pierce Brosnan at your disposal!

Oh, come on Fiat- Little Blue Pill! I'm curious to know the statistics of how many fathers had to lie to their kids about the meaning. Or how many daughters were made to feel awkward because they were watching with their parents (I would be a part of that stat).

Nissan- With Dad: Depressing.

I don't drink soda, so there was little Coke: Make It Happy could do to compel me to buy their product. I thought the commercial was a bit of a low-blow and unrealistic. A soda is not going to combat cruelty and bullying-- it's going to be something you run to for comfort. An unhealthy companion to share in your sorrow. A companion that will eventually give you health issues.

I was just confused by the Lexus: Make Some Noise ad. Why were there dancers? What was their function?

Nationwide- Make Safe Happen. I don't even need to comment. You know why it was awful. Shame on you, Nationwide. Too far.

I was very uninspired by Reebok- Be More Human. It seemed to have an elitist attitude, like exercise is only for the strong. I see what they were going for, but in trying to inspire greatness, they accidentally alienated those of us aren't competitive, can't flip tires or do pull-ups. They made it about the competition, and not the individual journey. I have joint issues and a deviated septum: I will never be a marathon runner. I exercise for me because I want to be healthy and strong. Reebok made it more about the competition and less about the individual, and that is particularly off-putting to someone who may have been thinking that they might want to start an exercise program for the first time. I'll stick with Nike, thanks.

Most Impactful:

Weight Watchers: All You Can Eat was eye-opening. I don't typically think highly of programs like that, but their 31 second spot provided a disturbing look into how we approach food. I know someone who has had great success on WW and is happy with their results. I'm amending my position on diet programs like that. Though they might not be the most nutritious, sustainable option; programs like WW provide a great, supportive program to get people on the right rack. It can be really discouraging if you don't see results quickly and having a coach or mentor there to reach out to can be a lifesaver and help you keep your eye on the prize. I still disagree with their "a calorie is a calorie" mentality, but I do see it's value as a starter program.

I had seen the extended version of the Always: Like A Girl a few months back. The full video shows a really interesting social experiment. It's crazy to see the dramatic difference between the younger girls and the older girls. Excellent. Inspiring. Definitely a thought-provoking ad!

NoMore: Domestic Violence used the audio from this October (I believe) 911 call. I usually get emotional when I see the NoMore ads on tv... like the one with some of my favorite stars or the one with a handful of NFL players or this bit I just came across on Youtube where the some celebs really emotional. Domestic violence is a huge deal and I thought it very smart that NoMore ran an ad during the Super Bowl. With the Deflategate phenom all over the media, there were a lot of people who got angry that the NFL made such a huge deal over a few under-inflated game balls, yet can ignore the violent criminal records of some of their athletes. Good on you NoMore for getting that ad spot.

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