Tuesday, March 17, 2015

NNM Day 14 :: Dessert at every meal

As I mentioned previously, I'm traveling in Nicaragua! Updating from my phone isn't really allowing me to spell-check and format they way I usually do. Forgive me! I'll be replacing some NNM posts with travel updates and "what I ate today" type content.
One great habit I picked up is having "dessert" with every meal.
"Whaaat?! Katie... how are you not 468292 pounds?!"

Great question!

Dessert doesn't have to mean copious amouts of pie or cake or candy. In Korea, each (school) meal typically ended with some kind of seasonal fruit. I've always suffered from the "post-meal sweet craving," but in Korea I ended up accidentally training myself into being satisfied by the small bit of fruit at the end of lunches. Eventually, I added a fruity thing to the end of dinners I would make at home and if I went out, would sometimes grab a small ice cream. I did, however, find that on nights when we were drinking with dinner (big part of Korean dining-out is communal alcohol), I didn't really feel the need for anything after the meal. I suspect it has something to do with the meals typically being low in carbs, and my body recognizing if/when I needed to consume something carby- alcohol, our terrible friend, has the carby thaang covered!
A sample of how I add dessert to my meals now that I'm back in the US. Chili and Ezekiel toast with avocado and peppers, finished off with 1/2 an apple.

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