Monday, March 16, 2015

NNM Day 13 :: Travel Day


Since I'll be on the road for the rest of National Nutrition Month, I'm not sure how often I'll be able to post. I may try my hand at some videos or highlights of what I'm eating while in Nicaragua. Whatever I miss while I'm away, I'll make up when I get back... blogging every day is hard!

So, for today let's talk about ways of approaching food/nutrition on days where you're travelling. In my opinion, these ideas can be implemented across every different kind of travel.

(+) If you're flying, do your research so you'll know if you'll be fed. Some flights offer meals, some offer free snacks, and some offer.... nothing.  If you're driving know if there are easy rest stops (some of the mini-marts I encountered on Rt 90 had produce available!). If you're on a train, look into what the snack car might have. Knowing before you go will help you plan accordingly.

(+) Bars. Keeping one or two in your bag could be a lifesaver. Instead of having to reach for a crappy-chippy-thing or idkwhatsinthis cookies, you'll have something that you're familiar with.

(+) Apples. They travel really well. I've never had my produce snacks confiscated. Apples in particular have the fiber to keep you satisfied and sugar if you're hangry and need a boost.

(+) Eat. Don't make the same mistake I did:: I have had several instances where I was too turned-off by my food options (airports, flight meals, and rest stops) that I didn't eat anything at all. No matter when or where you're travelling, you need to be on your A-game and "have your wits about you" (as my parents say!)... that is really hard to do when you're hungry and tired from low blood sugar.

(+) Stay hydrated. Common sense, I know. However, it can be really difficult to remember to get adequate water when you're on the go. It is especially important when flying-- something about flying is super dehydrating.

(+) Carry wet-wipes. Not exactly related to nutrition, but you're going to touch hundreds, if not thousands of surfaces when you travel. Your hands are going to be gross.

So from here on out, you may not hear from me every day... the formatting of posts will be terrible (yay phone writing!).... and topics may be a little abstract. Let's see what happens!

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