Monday, February 6, 2012

Frankie Says Relax

I need to comment on something: male-female friendships (and things like that). I've overheard some pretty absurd conversations the past few days, which is why I feel compelled to say:

Girl brain [to men]::

We can think you're hot WITHOUT wanting on you.
Sometimes its just mentioned in passing: "oh yeah, hes good looking...." It rarely means she wants to marry you.

Some guys freak out if they think/hear/notice a girl they're NOT interested in, thinks they're attractive. Relax. Remember when you were into that girl and she didn't like you and you DIDN'T go all crazy stalking her?? It's just like that, except reverse the roles.

I've taken witness, and of course been in situations myself, where dudes freak out and get all weird and mean when it happens.

Like yeah, sometimes girls can get all crazy and lovey, but it doesn't usually happen like that. It would be like assuming that every guy was a pushy asshole. Nonsense, right?

So sit down, relax and enjoy the compliment. Because if you freak out on her, odds are she'll turn around and tell all her hot friends you're a tool.

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