Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pig scissors

I was really impressed with my genius class yesterday. Actually, all my classes yesterday were very well-behaved. It was really nice especially because on Tuesdays I teach 9a - 9p!

One of my 6th graders brought out these badboys:

Pretty cool, right? Korea has some pretty cool school supplies!

In other news, I accidentally got a little preachy on Facebook last night. I do feel justified in what I said because I was getting really frustrated with all the "likes" and "shares" of photos from the Boston Marathon bombing aftermath. The "non-specific" pictures are fine, but there are a few pictures floating around out there about specific people. I don't think its really appropriate to be spreading them. I know the media is doing it, but since when do we agree with everything the media says and does? I know if I was one of the people in the pictures, I would hate to have my image and anguish shared with the internet. There is a lot of grieving going on, and grieving is usually a very private experience, and those affected should be allowed to grieve privately if that's how they choose to do it.

So this is what I said:
I'm really bothered by all these "like" and "share" photos going around on social media. The beautiful pictures of Boston, the touching supportive articles from other cities, and the empowering quotes from celebrities are all awesome. However, there are a few images that continue to be "liked" and "shared" that capture someones personal hell. Someone managed to capture, what is probably the worst moment of their life... and things aren't likely to look up for them any time soon. The last thing they need is "support" by sharing images of them at their lowest... ALL OVER THE INTERNET. So please, show some real support and stop spreading the images of these poor people. This isn't some theoretical character. This is a real person who had a real bad thing happen to them. Have some compassion, people."

I later realized it could seem like a pointed attack, so I wanted to clarify:
"And I suppose it needs to be said that I'm not pointing fingers at someone specific. This is not a personal attack, but rather a request for people to stop and put themselves in someone else's shoes. I understand the impulse and desire to show support. Be supportive by sending prayers; and if you don't believe in prayer you can volunteer at a hospital, donate money, or donate blood!"

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